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Use the Right Neck Brace for Pain Management

Use the Right Neck Brace for Pain Management

Cervical collar or neck brace is actually a device that is advised for patients who are suffering from neck pain caused by injuries and trauma. However, using such cervical collars on a prolonged basis can actually have adverse effects – hence the softer version of such neck braces is now being prescribed by doctors, especially for patients with chronic neck pain.

Neck Pain

Almost 70% of the Americans are known to be suffering from temporary neck pain at least once in their living period. Neck pain can be result from a sedentary lifestyle, neck injuries and even stress and strain. Patients however are always advised to use such devices only when advised and under personal guidance from trained medical practitioners. This is because the affected parts are immobilized by wearing such braces while they effectively take away the stress from the area, but longer periods of immobilization can also adversely affect the area.

The benefits of using the right neck brace is as follows


  1. It is one of the most effective ways of getting relief from neck pain. Caused due to individual experiences and musculoskeletal causes, cervical collars can actually facilitate in pain management for patients under the supervision of trained doctors. Whether temporary or repetitive in nature, using the right cervical neck traction devices can prove to be the right form of neck pain therapy providing instant relief to most patients.
  2. The right neck brace can really be effectual for people who have undergone neck injuries. Whether using a hard or a soft collar it helps to a great extent in providing a stable platform to the injured spinal cord and skull of the patient. It helps in handling aggravated conditions especially where paralytic repercussions of an injury can occur, or the spinal cord has been badly damaged.
  3. Cervical collars speed up the recovery process whether it is a normal neck pain or whether it is a case of aggravated neck injury.

Use the Right Neck Brace for Pain Management

  1. Neck braces are also commonly used for treating cases related to whiplash and misaligned spinal cord. With whiplash quite commonly occurring amongst people caused by a traumatic injury to the cervical region of the spine, the brace acts as a good support system for the patient who also has to use exercising and physical therapy to get relief from the persisting problem.
  2. Collars are also good for treating another chronic disease called the cervical radiculopathy. Combined with light exercises this condition that affect nerve roots, collars can prove to be effective treatments for patients suffering from this disease.
  3. The braces have also been found to be highly effective in the stabilization of the spinal system for patients who come with AARS or Atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation or other different forms of spinal fractures.

There are two types of cervical collars – the hard ones and the soft ones. Since longer periods of immobilization can cause harm to the patient, hence the doctor suggestions and recommendations should be taken note of.  The hard or the rigid neck braces are mostly advised for patients who have issues caused by trauma, dislocation, fractures or surgeries or have issues with the stabilization of the cervical spine area. However, these types of collar necks are associated with side-effects like breathing problems, painful and costly aspects. The soft cervical collars are used for patients who come with sprain and strain issues or even whiplash. Such patients are able to find immediate pain relief from the trouble by using the soft collars and medicines for pain relief. The rigid variety of the brace is also used for treating and management of cervical radiculopathy too.


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